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Keep your Bible; I want Wikipedia in my hotel room

10 September 2012

Anyone who has succumbed to boredom in a hotel room, and begun exploring the drawers and cupboards will have almost certainly stumbled across a religious text (in Western nations, usually a copy of the King James Bible, courtesy of the Gideons). I don’t like having a Bible in my hotel room, and usually take steps to remove it. These steps range from simply opening the door and throwing the book out into the corridor to leaving it at the front desk when I head out for dinner. Some may think this an over-reaction. If I don’t like the Bible, why don’t I just ignore it? Let me explain why I object to this surreptitious planting of scripture in my temporary place of sleep.



I don’t want to be ‘saved’: vicarious atonement is immoral

3 September 2012


I find myself in the unusual position of thanking the Jehovah’s Witnesses for inspiring me. After dismissing the pair who tried to “save” me yesterday, I started thinking about those who proselytize, for Christianity in particular, and this eventually lead me to the idea expressed in the title of this post: Christianity’s offer of atonement is immoral.