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In response to John Gray’s “The enduring appeal of Sherlock Holmes”

20 August 2012

Yesterday I came across an opinion piece on the BBC news website titled The enduring appeal of Sherlock Holmes, written by political philosopher and author John Gray, in which he claims that we are living “in an age when we have lost faith in the power of reason to solve problems”. I have serious objections to the messages conveyed by this piece. Since I will only be quoting passages from Gray’s piece here, I suggest that you follow the first link above and read it for yourself before continuing. Don’t worry I’ll wait.




11 March 2012

Hello, and welcome to ‘Think of happy squirrels’. I started this blog with the intention of finding an outlet in which I could more easily express my opinions on various matters, and recount interesting stories and discoveries, away from the constrictive environment of a Facebook wall post.

To start with I plan to update roughly once a week (possibly more often if lots is happening). Once I’ve been writing for a couple of months I may rethink this.

The topics this blog will cover may vary widely. However, they will all be unified by the fact that they are subjects of interest and/or importance to me (to an unspecified extent). Just don’t expect them to be entirely serious.