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R.I.P. scientific method

11 June 2012

I went to see Ridley Scott’s Prometheus last week and I was left sorely disappointed. As a prequel to the Alien films, it explains almost nothing. In fact it leaves you with more questions than you start with. In attempting to explain who/what are the remains that the crew of the Nostromo find in the first film, it creates a confusing back story that asks many questions, and offers very few answers. In fact, just watch the trailer. All the key scenes are there:

Prometheus blatantly disregards the laws of physics, lacks any perceivable motivation for most of the characters, and has a non-sensical plot in which things keep happening for no apparent reason.

Since most of the above will probably be covered better by other people (first video contains spoilers) reviewing the film I’m going to focus on something else that seemed off to me. This revolves around a single scene in which the two lead ‘scientists’ (you’ll understand the reason for the inverted commas soon) explain the reason for the Prometheus’s mission.



The good, the bad and what the hell was that?!

28 May 2012

Last weekend marked the 2012 Eurovision song contest. There was the usual parade of good, bad and bizarre. Below are some of my highlights including a few you may have missed if you didn’t watch the semi-finals.

So, without further ado, my Eurovision high-(and low)-lights. Those of a nervous disposition are advised to proceed with caution (especially when it comes to the Albanian entry).


John Carter: A Victorian Superman on Mars

12 March 2012

In a single sentence Disney’s John Carter is: a B-movie desperately trying not to be.

When I first saw the trailers for John Carter I thought, “This will either be amazing, or awful.” However, I was surprised to find that the film was… mediocre. I didn’t think it was a great film, but it had enough redeeming features to not be complete waste of time. It was distinctly average. No, I’m being too nice. It was most definitely a below average, rent the DVD kind of film.