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Which God particle is it?

9 July 2012

Last week researchers at CERN announced that the have observed a new particle which is consistent with the theory of the Higgs boson. Confirmation of the existence of this particle will explain why other particles have mass (see here for a nice explanation). Since it helps to explain a fundamental property of matter, the Higgs boson is occasionally referred to as the “God particle” by those outside those scientific community. But, the question which the teams at CERN haven’t answered is which God?



Beware of bluetooth

18 June 2012

Call me paranoid, but I’m suspicious of people wearing a Bluetooth earpiece. Although, you can press it into your ear and pretend to be a secret service agent… Ok… I’m suspicious of other people wearing earpieces.

Firstly, it’s embarrassing when someone is wearing one, but you can’t see it, and so think they’re talking to you. Especially if you respond to what they’re saying. But that’s another story…

My main reason for avoiding people with earpieces is that I’ve seen that Doctor Who episode.


The good, the bad and what the hell was that?!

28 May 2012

Last weekend marked the 2012 Eurovision song contest. There was the usual parade of good, bad and bizarre. Below are some of my highlights including a few you may have missed if you didn’t watch the semi-finals.

So, without further ado, my Eurovision high-(and low)-lights. Those of a nervous disposition are advised to proceed with caution (especially when it comes to the Albanian entry).


Too many buffalo

30 April 2012

I’ve just come across what might quite possibly be the best sentence I’ve encountered yet:

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo, buffalo Buffalo buffalo.


Déjà entendu

23 April 2012

Have you ever noticed that, after a while, all music starts to blend together and sound the same?

(if the widget embedding doesn’t work, try here instead)

That piece was dedicated to anyone who’s had a birthday in the last twelve months (including today). Happy birthday!

I just spilt wine all over my leopard

9 April 2012

After seeing an xkcd comic a few weeks ago about setting an internet browser to replace all incidences of the word “keyboard” with “leopard”, I decided, being the complete geek that I am, to have a go myself.

The result was fairly entertaining at first, but the novelty soon wore off, and I forgot all about it. However, I also forgot to disable the script.


Foggy foolishness

17 March 2012

In the last couple of weeks there have been quite a few foggy mornings. While driving to work on those days, I noticed that a fair number people had forgotten to switch on their lights. Note, when I say lights, I don’t just mean fog lights. I mean lights of any kind. Not even side lights (which, let’s be in no doubt about this, do nothing to help others see you when it’s foggy).

To make the commute slightly more interesting, I started counting the number of moving vehicles without any lights on. I soon noticed a trend: the heavier the fog, the more people I spotted driving without lights on.