Which God particle is it?

Last week researchers at CERN announced that the have observed a new particle which is consistent with the theory of the Higgs boson. Confirmation of the existence of this particle will explain why other particles have mass (see here for a nice explanation). Since it helps to explain a fundamental property of matter, the Higgs boson is occasionally referred to as the “God particle” by those outside those scientific community. But, the question which the teams at CERN haven’t answered is which God?

Catholic: The God particle is made up of three smaller particles: the father-on, son-on and spirit-on.*
Protestant: There are also heav-on particles, but these can only be observed by those who truly believe in the God particle.
Muslim: Images of the God particle are forbidden.
Hindu: This is just one of many God particles.
Atheist: It’s not the God particle, since there is no credible evidence for the existence of such a particle. There are many other, simpler, more plausible explanations.
Agnostic: It might be the God particle, it might not. More evidence is needed.

* Other Catholic particles include guilt-ons, and their anti-particle the confess-on.


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